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Max Borghi is all in

And so are we!

UCLA v Washington State Photo by William Mancebo/Getty Images

Good morning, Coug fans! I hope everyone had a great week. As a senior at Zoom University, it’s been an interesting process for me, so I hope everyone else is having an easy virtual time.

As this week wraps up, we’re another week closer to fall sports- and what a week it’s been. Rolo sent up the Ol’ Crimson yesterday, so the class of 2021 is on the lookout, I’m sure we’ll have more on that in due time.

As for this season, we’ve had some opt outs, but the guys seem to be optimistic. One guy in particular, Mr. Max Borghi, spoke about how opting out wasn’t an option for him.

Hearing Borghi talk about his commitment to the game, and opportunity, suddenly feels very normal. If you close your eyes and believe hard enough, it’ll feel like 2019 all over again.

With new practice films, we’re seeing lots of progress- and lots of smiles, according to Coach Rolo. While this season won’t be conventional by any means, I can tell the athletes, regardless of specific sport, are looking forward to this just as much as we are (if not more).

With 16 total touchdowns last season, and less games to play this round, I can only imagine where Borghi is going from here.

Stay safe and healthy!


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