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UNIT3D 2020 raises more than $3,600 for Hilinski’s Hope!

Thank you to everyone who bought an item or donated.

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The final numbers are in, and together with and Butte Brand our 2020 UNIT3D campaign raised $3,627.56 for Hilinski’s Hope! That brings our three-year total to nearly $24,000 donated to remove the stigma and support the mental health of college athletes all over the country.

If you listened to our interview with Mark Hilinski, you know just how personal this annual campaign is for me. The opportunity to uphold the memory of Tyler Hilinski by doing what we can to spread awareness about mental health and remove the stigma surrounding seeking help is an honor that I cherish. I hope some of that comes through.

As Mark Hilinski said on the podcast, “The great supporters of Hilinski’s Hope can proudly say they’re saving lives.” And we are. I’m certain of it.

I want to give a special thank you to Britton Ransford and the rest of the folks at Butte Brand. After I spent the first year fumbling my way around this fundraiser, Britton spearheaded the campaign each of the last two years — working with the Hilinskis to design the apparel, setting up the hub on the Butte Brand website for sales, and then tackling production and fulfillment of the orders. It’s a big job, and I am eternally grateful for his willingness to give his time.

(If you’re in the market for a hat or a beanie or a shirt or a sweatshirt ... maybe look their way! I can confirm that their products are insanely comfortable.)

I also want to thank our friends at, particularly Greg Witter, without whose support this wouldn’t have been possible.

The lesson, as always? We are stronger when we are UNIT3D!