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A trip down memory lane

The ghosts of Apple Cups past

Washington v Washington State Photo by William Mancebo/Getty Images

Good morning, Coug fans! I hope everyone had a relaxing day yesterday.

I know we’re supposed to be preparing for a certain, usually dreaded, game tomorrow. My only comment on that subject is that it does make sense for 2020 to just not have an Apple Cup.

If you’re really missing that dose of rivalry, I have some YouTube link highlights of some of my favorite Apple Cups for you! To start, obviously we have to go with the iconic 1992 game.

This is the link to the whole game in an hour, but I don’t think anyone is going to be too upset about that. What a good game!

Up next chronologically would be some great moments from 1997!

The only other links provided for this were three hour coverage, and if you chose to seek that out in your own time, I respect it. However, if you’re on a shorter schedule, the highlights should suffice.

And last but not least, I’m going to fast forward to 2012, the greatest comeback in Apple Cup history. For this one, I’ve linked just the final chunk of time.

I figured I would link our favorite ones so we can only experience some happy Apple Cup memories, rather than nothing at all!

I always looked forward to Apple Cup weekend these past few years. I know that is not a common experience. I would be away at school for the majority of the season, this was the only game I could watch with my dad. Even if we sat there watching the Cougs lose, we still got to be together. I hope everyone has a safe and healthy rest of your holiday season! Wash your hands.


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