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WSU basketball: Self care Friday

Some plays to help you relax!

NCAA Basketball: Arizona State at Washington State James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, Coug Fans! Basketball is kind of going through it right now. As a matter of fact, and maybe this is a general assumption, I think a lot of people are. The Washington State Cougars community has done a great job of making sure people take care of each other. And I think that’s extremely admirable- but I would also like to offer you all some self care ideas.

I know it’s never easy to take a minute away from a busy life to really treat oneself, but this weekend I would urge you all to try. Mainly because I’m stressed about how the Cal game went on Wednesday, and I’m stressed about the game on Sunday.

Self Care plays, with the assist from WSU Basketball:

Let’s start with a good back screen post. In this play, the coach (in this metaphor, that’s you) wants to emphasize options. One of your players is either going to look for the layup, or pass outside. This means you have to give yourself options. If you want to stay in for a night, order food, and relax- do it! Or, if you want to call up some buddies and get outside, that’s great too. But listen to your gut.

Double curls- this play is designed for one of the players to attack the rim. Get out there and get active! If moving around helps clear your head, it can be as simple as going for a walk around the block, or if you have the time, hit the gym. Don’t get too active if your body can’t handle it, no matter how badly we want Isaac Bonton out there, he’s gotta be 100% first.

The Piston Elevator! This is a 3-point play, and the priority is getting the ball outside. We’re mid-February right now, which shocks me, and it’s not super nice outside. So if you don’t want to go outdoors, that’s fair. If you can, I think you should! But if it’s cold and rainy, go hit a movie this weekend. Or go bowling! Abide by this rule, and get out of your house for an hour. It can be nice.

X-Cross! This play also has options. There isn’t a specific player needed for this one, because anyone can have the opportunity to score. It reminded me of cleaning my house- there’s lots of rooms, nooks, and crannies. X-out all the clutter. While that might sound stressful and time consuming, if you take a second and make sure your living environment is clean, I promise you’ll start to feel more relaxed.

Doubles: this is a play for your best person. It’s all about your two best people passing back and forth until the shot is clear. I severely dumbed down this explanation, but you get it. In this case, your best player is you. Ultimately there is nothing that makes me feel better than getting enough sleep. So go to bed early tonight, or pick a night when there aren’t any sports to watch.

Pick overload! For this play, you want to open up a 3-point opportunity on the wing. Wings obviously reminded me of chicken, which reminded me to tell you all to eat right. Did you have a vegetable today? Or a fruit? Ideally both. Are you drinking water? Take care of your body by being careful about what you put in it.

This next play is called Skipper: it hinges on a skip pass, which is basically getting the ball from one side to the other. I’m using this play to tell you to bail on the plans you might have made that you now either don’t have the energy for, or just don’t want to go to. If you need a second, take a second.

Two inside: this play is about guards keeping safeties occupied. You want a great passer putting the ball inside, and post players doing their jobs. This is a good one to remind yourself that no one is without a team. It might feel like it sometimes, but if you’re really overwhelmed, I promise everyone on your team will be willing to grab a beverage of choice and hear about it.

Moral of the story, take care of yourselves out there!


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