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Boeing Apple Cup Series Update: WSU > UW

Cougs over Huskies, just as it should be

Washington State v Washington Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

Good morning. How about Kyle Smith and those Washington State Cougars!!?? In case you weren’t aware, the 9.5-point underdog team from the Palouse swept aside the lottery pick-filled, last place Washington Huskies on Friday.

Shortly before the first game between the two rivals, we provided an update on the Boeing Apple Cup Series. At the time, Washington was in the lead. However, even before Friday’s WSU win in Seattle, the Cougs had surged in front (according to the website anyway), 170-160. With yet another win, WSU - I think - now leads 200-175.

Since Jeff already wrote a great recap of the proceedings, the only thing left to do (in this blogger’s opinion) is to mine social media to check out the reaction. Ok full disclosure - I pretty much just want to make fun of Washington fans. But first, let’s take a look at things from the best side of the rivalry.

Football coach Nick Rolovich and AD Pat Chun were in Seattle for a Cougar Athletic Fund event, and made their presence known.

This tweet prompted a response from former Husky basketball player / current subpar Pac-12 Network analyst Eldridge Recasner.

Let’s check back in with Eldridge:

At least he was able to figure out who was who, unlike Husky die-hard fan beat “reporter” Percy Allen.

Ok, we all make mistakes. But at least Percy was able to correct himself later on...


Back to the Cougs. Noah, the Jack Huskies currently taking down their car flags can’t hear you. Yell a little louder!

Once the guys were back in the locker room, how cool was it to see the love among fellow WSU coaches?

Big ups to Kyle Smith. My man is a better basketball coach than he is a dancer, but he ain’t letting that stop him from having some fun toward the end of this video.

In the interests of equal time -


Can’t say I blame him, on some level. I mean, if the school I never attended made a highly embarrassing piece of history, I’d be a little upset also.

Paid journalist Percy Allen and his editors actually thought this sentence was fine:

The Huskies, which won the Pac-12 title last season, becomes the first team...


Moving right along, it looks like this guy is somewhere between Bargaining and Acceptance. Poor fella.

One of KJR’s many empty suits needs you to know that he was busy on Friday, because it’s not enough to just help put on an event. Everyone else must be made aware of what a great person you are.

Was it enough to mention it once? Nope.

GET THAT STRAIGHT PAL! Seriously, good on ol’ Dick for helping a worthy cause after 25 other people had a scheduling conflict. While he’s at it, I can think of another hard luck charity case that could use some more funding right now, because they’ve got nothing tangible despite emptying the accounts for Gaddy, Fultz, Wroten, Stewart, McDaniels et al. Something’s gotta give.

That’s enough piling on for one day, but before we go, let’s take you live to the Pac-12 basketball standings.

Go Cougs.


Nothing new on this front, so just take another look up at the standings, where Washington is looking up at WSU, and everyone else.


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Cougs Win! Cougs Win!

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This Week in Parenting

Kind of a truncated week, as I spent much of it on the road. When I got home on Wednesday, the boys were in the midst of a grueling week that brought a day off Tuesday. If that weren’t enough, the powers-that-be preemptively cancelled school on Thursday due to a snow storm that was supposed to hit around lunch time.

Turns out, they were right! So not only was there no school Tuesday, now the boys got all day Thursday to play in the snow. And play in the snow they did. The 11 year-old had to come in at some point and put on a new wardrobe because he was soaked all the way through. Later on, the 8 year-old cried “uncle” after his hands were probably 45 seconds from frostbite setting in. And by “uncle” I mean he just changed gloves and went back out.

Since temperatures were right near the freezing line, the snow was incredibly wet, so watching the neighborhood kids try and roll up 50-some pound snow boulders was pretty entertaining. But at long last, they’d managed to do what every kid since the beginning of time has done - establish the base layer for a snow fort.

Only problem was, they confronted the next issue that every kid ever has dealt with, namely, “what the hell do we do now?” Mother nature was against them, however, as it got dark soon after, and temperatures warmed so quickly that only the last vestiges of the once mighty fort remain.

In one last glancing blow to area parents, the kids were on a 2-hour delay Friday. Because of course they were.


Best beer I had this week: While I was in Vegas, I ventured out to a tiny place called Beer Zombies. When I say “tiny,” I mean there were maybe six stools. Anyway, the fellow patrons were amiable - if quite, um, zealous about the local craft beer scene - and the beer was excellent. The best of the bunch was Ingenious Brewing’s Cowboy Cookie.

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