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Where should Nick Rolovich and the football staff eat next?

Hawaii v Nevada Photo by Jonathan Devich/Getty Images

The Washington State coaching staff should be preparing for spring football right now. But, since they can’t do that, they are getting familiar with the culinary offerings in Pullman.

Nick Rolovich and the rest of the coaching staff are supporting a few Pullman restaurants, ordering takeout at a new place each night, with Rolovich supplying a few extra meals for those still in Pullman.

It started on Saturday with Pizza Perfection.

On Sunday they all went to Nuevo Vallarta.

The question is, where are they headed next? Or better yet, where should they head next?

There are plenty of obvious choices. I’m sure many will say Sellas, Cougar Country, Birch and Barley, South Fork, Black Cypress and some other favorites.

Let’s assume the coaches need to do a lot of eating and need even more suggestions. Where should they go? It wasn’t as popular as some other places while I was in Pullman, but Golden Teriyaki never let me down. My friends and I ate many No. 8s in our day.

Where should the coaches eat next?


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