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The CougCenter Hour: The 1997 Season MegaCast, Part I

We enlist the help of Jeff Nusser, Scott Cresswell, Kyle Sherwood and PJ Kendall to relive the best season in school history.

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Though the 2018 football season is fresh in the memories of all Washington State Cougars fans, it remains a close second to the greatest season in school history. That title, without a doubt, belongs to the 1997 team and their first trip to the Rose Bowl in nearly seven decades.

To relive this incredible season though, we needed the help of the people who were actually there and in school as Wazzu ripped off a dream season. Seeing as though I was nine-years old at the time, I’m hardly qualified. The good news is, our roster here at CougCenter very much is.

Jeff Nusser, Kyle Sherwood, PJ Kendall, and Scott Cresswell all donated their time generously to the podcast to relive this dream year. In Part I, we remember the first ten games of the season just before the biggest pair of football games in school history.

Thank you, as always, for listening!