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Gardner Minshew crash my Zoom class


UCLA v Washington State Photo by William Mancebo/Getty Images

Good morning Coug fans! Happy Friday. I was sitting down for breakfast with my dad when he showed me this video of Gardner Minshew crashing the coaches meeting on Zoom yesterday, a #MustacheCrash if you will.

I’m sure everyone is familiar with Zoom by now, and probably familiar with the popular trend of people jumping into unsuspecting classes or project meetings and causing havoc. While Minshew was very polite, and was invited to the meeting, it still fits in the trend of surprising people in Zoom meetings.

With that context, I would like to please invite Gardner Minshew to crash one of my classes. I know this isn’t likely, especially because I do not actually attend Washington State. I go to school in Chicago- Columbia College. It’s a liberal arts school where I major in Comedy Writing & Performance. Ridiculous. However, going there means I am able to still root for the Cougs with no backlash.

The only big downside to going to school in the midwest is the Big 10. I cannot stream the Pac 12 network with the ease I am used to, and almost no one speaks the same sports as I do. I did learn a few things from my friends from that area, mostly about how everyone hates Ohio State. With the school I go to specifically, not a lot of people watch sports. I have a handful of friends who do, and some friends I have forced into Cougar-fandom. But, I doubt any of my classmates would understand the Mustache Mania, nor would they care all that much. But I would care very deeply.

Other WSU classes have been crashed by different Zoom-crashers, so if Minshew wants to do that, I would understand. That would actually be funnier. But if he wants to just pop in and say hi to me and maybe the three guys in my class who know who he is, that would be awesome.

I have some more reasons why he should crash my class:

  1. I am currently in my “abroad” comedy semester at Second City training center, so everyone there is always willing to do anything for the joke.
  2. We are all comedy studies students so we would be very entertaining.
  3. My class is very supportive and would really enjoy seeing me cry. I don’t think my teachers would appreciate it, but one of our classes is a movement class, so he could work out with us! Our teacher tells us to come as we are, so his aviators are welcome. He might opt to wear pants for that one, though.
  4. It would prove my point about art school students still being able to like sports, and I really enjoy being right.
  5. None of my west coast sports fan friends would believe me, and again I really like being right.

I’m sure we would all love getting surprised by Minshew, and I know he is a very busy guy, but I figured why not ask. Thank you for your time, Sir Gardner.

Until then, go watch that clip because it’s very fun, and enjoy your weekend.


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