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The CougCenter Hour: The 1997 Season MegaCast, Part II: The Apple Cup and Rose Bowl

We needed an entire other podcast to go over the final two games of the greatest season in WSU history.

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Part II of our MegaCast covering the 1997 football season is here!

The last two games, the Apple Cup and Rose Bowl, were so dang important to the history of Washington State Cougars football, we had to put them in their own show. Jeff, Kyle, PJ and Scott share their memories of that all important rivalry matchup, the lead up, the jubilance afterwards and then ... remembering there’s a Rose Bowl to play!

We also relive the Granddaddy of Them All in 1998 and what it meant to everyone how was lucky enough to go. I also had no idea there was such an insane demand on the secondary market for tickets!

Thank you, as always, for listening. We hope you enjoy!