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WSU sports: obsessed with tennis

Your new favorite sport.

Apple Cup 2019 game time tv schedule WSU washington uw Photo by William Mancebo/Getty Images

Good morning, Coug fans! How is everyone holding up?

It’s felt very strange to me, as I sit around my house thinking about how we’re all living inside a history textbook right now. And either way, if you want to talk about it, or if you just want to put it on pause for a second, I think both are valid pursuits. Birds will still chirp in the morning, the sun is going to come up.

To keep sane, I have started putting on real pants sometimes. Even if it’s just for 20 minutes. I like to remember what jeans are like, rather than sweatpants. And I’ve been thinking about what I’m most excited for when all this blows over. Do your part and stay inside so that happens sooner, but I can’t help thinking about how much more electric games are going to be, how special live theater is, even just how excited I’m going to be to sit in a classroom (never thought I would say that). But I’m lucky to have a home to stay in with a family who pretends to tolerate me. Be upset and burned out, but then count your blessings.

I wish I was writing a quippy breakdown of some baseball players right now, or telling you about our tennis team. Melisa Ates is very good, and the action picture on her profile is awesome, check it out. A lot of the tennis players are from overseas- Cyprus, Thailand, Belgium, the list goes on. I hope they got home safe, or are somewhere close enough. I’ll introduce you to some of the WSU Tennis team, if you’d like!

Michaela Bayerlova is a huge star. Also a fellow 5’11” powerhouse, I see you friend. Not only is she brilliant on the court, but she was born the day before me. Spooky. You have a new #1 fan.

Hikaru Sato is very good! From Tokyo, and a beast at doubles. Only a sophomore, so we’ll see more of her.

Savanna Ly-Nguyen is another standout talent, and a sophomore, so we get to keep her for a bit as well.

We need more pictures for the tennis team. I threw Butch up for this cover photo, I’m sure he would also like more pictures for the tennis team.

We had a really great start of a season, Coug fans. A really great start to the season. My heart is weeping for my new tennis friends. I’m following all of them on Twitter after this.

Check out this interview with the Tennis coach too- WSU Athletics: Cougar Chats w/Coach Lisa Hart - YouTube. She seems like the perfect person to oversea such an incredible program. I’m really excited for those superstars to get back out there.

I’m taking this time in quarantine to familiarize myself with new things, and today it was our tennis team. I have a bit of an obsessive personality, and I can’t wait to just geek out over all of them.

Have a great day inside, go learn something new. It felt really good to write that. Thank you all.


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