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WSU president expects football to be played in Pullman this fall

Whether Martin Stadium is empty or at partial capacity is another question entirely.

Kirk Schulz

Just one day after an announcement for the California State University system left three Mountain West football teams in the lurch this fall, WSU president Kirk Schulz tells KREM-TV in Spokane he expects there to be football played in Martin Stadium in 2020.

Schulz did note in his interview we likely will not be seeing tailgates for at least the month of September and, later in the clip, floats the idea that the stadium will likely either be empty or at a greatly reduced capacity. What a significantly paired down crowd would look like we aren’t quite sure but the school did alert season ticket holders to options for what to do with their tickets just yesterday.

Schulz’s inclination to say football would be played this fall is one shared by most university presidents I’ve seen. The desire to play is there; whether it’s feasible or not is an issue we likely won’t have an answer to for another month at least. New Washington State Cougars head coach Nick Rolovich said in a webinar earlier this week he’d be fine playing in an empty stadium, even quipping that he’d “save a lot of time on silent count practice”.