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The CougCenter Hour’s 2006-2007 basketball season MegaCast

An incredible season deserves our MegaCast treatment.

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Derrick Low. Kyle Weaver. Robbie Cowgill. Daven Harmeling. Ivory Clark. Tony Bennett. All names that would become legendary for Cougs everywhere thanks to the 2006-2007 men’s basketball season. So it seemed only natural for The CougCenter Hour to give that year the MegaCast treatment it deserves.

Myself, Craig Powers, Kevin Dudley, Zane Murfitt and Mark Sandritter all sit down and Zoom up to chat about the season that helped transform so many Cougs fans into rabid crimson and gray supporters and led to the team’s first NCAA Tournament appearance in more than a decade. We relive every gigantic win (two court storms!) and the gut wrenching losses of the first great Bennett season on the Palouse.

Thank you, as always, for listening!