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Here is 6 minutes of Gardner Minshew throwing touchdowns

Jacksonville Jaguars v Oakland Raiders Photo by Daniel Shirey/Getty Images

While some sports are beginning to return — soccer in Europe, UFC, some semblance of golf — it’s safe to say none of those sports include WSU. I’ve probably written more than a thousand morning link posts since I started doing them nine years ago. And the pickens today were about as slim as I’ve ever seen them.

Once again, Gardner Minshew is here to save the day. Minshew tossed 21 touchdowns during his rookie season last year, and now you can start your Monday by watching them all.

With the NFL offseason nearly complete, Minshew still appears to be in line to enter the 2020 season as Jacksonville’s starting quarterback, so next year you may need a lot more than six minutes to watch all of his TD passes.



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As a matter of fact, WSU administrators are planning on opening campus in the fall, per KHQ. Athletic director Pat Chun has told the Spokesman-Review he doesn’t want to consider how financially damaging the loss of a football season would be for the Cougars.