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The CougCenter Hour: My favorite WSU memory, Part VI remembers 2007’s win over Arizona

The win brought the love of Cougar basketball to a fever pitch in Pullman.

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We are moving on to basketball!

When I was in school, the place to be was not Martin Stadium. Instead, and quite decidedly, it was Beasley Coliseum. Tony Bennett’s first two teams (and hell, even his third) created a fervor on campus like what I think the 2018 football season must’ve done.

The Washington State Cougars win over the Gonzaga Bulldogs in 2006 was what got the train going. The win over the Arizona Wildcats made sure everyone got on board.

Here to relive his favorite WSU memory is proud Coug alum and KHQ Evening Weather Anchor Blake Jensen. Blake’s a life long Coug who has seen quite a bit in his more than two decades of fandom, but nothing quite tops this.

Thank you, as always, for listening!