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Morgan Weaver named Tom Hansen medal recipient!

And Gordo too!

2020 NWSL Draft Photo by Jose Argueta/ISI Photos/Getty Images

Good morning Coug fans! It’s been almost a week since one of our all time faves, Morgan Weaver, was named a recipient of the Tom Hansen Pac-12 Conference Medal! Along with Anthony Gordon, another all time fave! Is your heart bursting with pride?

This isn’t the first time WSU players have been selected- Weaver and Gordon join Gardner Minshew, Luke Falk, Taylor Rochestie and Sara Trané to name a few.

Morgan Weaver and the Portland Thorns have been able to practice, and the Thorns were also able to donate water and supplies to the peaceful protests happening in Portland. Sports provide a safe avenue to educate, elevate, and engage- I’m quoting the Thorns twitter on that. I know some of you might not be Thorns fans, but we love Morgan and I’m glad she, and the rest of the Thorns, are able to help out.

Since I am posting this on Juneteenth, here is a link from the NAACP | Juneteenth: Education is Freedom to learn more. The Portland Thorns also shared a list of restaurants participating in a cookout to celebrate today- so if you’re in Portland and thinking about getting food to go, I suggest supporting these local, Black owned businesses! I’m checking out Deadstock Coffee later today!

I also want to add that this is a platform designed to bring us together. We come to Coug Center to connect with likeminded sports fans. This community has shown me time and time again that we stand up for each other.

I encourage you all to go forward today with kindness and understanding in your hearts, an open mind ready to learn, and- if you are financially able, a wallet open to Black owned businesses. If someone has not taught you, use this as an opportunity to learn on your own.


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