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HCA: Andrej Jakimovski now ranked as 4-star recruit

He is the third 4-star recruit for the 2020 class

Florida A&M v Washington State Photo by William Mancebo/Getty Images

A day after committing to the 2020 Washington State basketball class, Andrej Jakimovski was ranked as a 4-star recruit by 247Sports. The ranking makes him the third 4-star recruit for the class as well as the third highest ranked commit in Washington State basketball history.

The 2020 class also cracked the top-30 in the nation in recruiting and marks the best recruiting class in school history. Jakimovski joins Dishon Jackson and Carlos Rosario as the top rated recruits for the class. All three are inside the top-11 highest ranked recruits in program history. TJ Bamba and Efe Abogidi are ranked 14th and 15th to round out the top-15 of all time according to 247Sports rankings.

The two commits that are ranked higher than Jakimovski’s .9506 ranking are Michael Harthun (.9548) and Klay Thompson (.9816) who were both part of the 2008 class. Harthun played two seasons for the Cougars before transferring to Portland State University after the 2010 season.

Prior to this year-s 29th-ranked class, the Cougars’ highest ranking in the past five years came in 2016 when they were ranked 82nd in the nation. They were ranked 11th in the Pac-12 that year.

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Andrej Jakimovski earns 4-star rating, giving Washington State top recruiting class in program history

When Andrej Jakimovski signed with Washington State on Sunday, giving the Cougars their sixth recruit in the 2020 class, the North Macedonian prospect had yet to register on’s database.


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