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Monday rewatch: WSU vs. USC in 2017

NCAA Football: Southern California at Washington State James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

There is a lot of content on YouTube. In some cases, that can be vey problematic. But, on the bright side, it also means there are a lot of old sports highlights, and even full games. Dig far enough and you can be rewarded, and this week we are rewarded with one of the best WSU games in the last five years - WSU’s 30-27 win against No. 5 USC in 2017.

It’s interesting re-watching the game and seeing a young crop of players like Renard Bell and Jahad Woods making big plays. Those players are now heading into their senior seasons.

I also forgot how wild that game was. I especially forgot how bananas this sequence was:

— USC 86-yard TD run

— WSU called for holding on kick off return

— USC defensive linemen intercepts Luke Falk at the WSU 3-yard line

— WSU defense gives up 1 yard and holds USC to a field goal

You can re-live that sequence and the rest of the game in just under 90 minutes.

Or if you only have 12 minutes to spare, here is the cliff notes version.

If you watch the full version you can go to the 7:04 mark and see multiple angles of one of the best throws Luke Falk made in his WSU career that should have ended with an incredible touchdown and instead ended with a drop.



New offense, no problem for Gardner Minshew, but what about Jaguars?
While some quarterbacks fall to pieces in a new offense, Gardner Minshew thrives in it.

The second-year pro will once again have to embrace a new offensive philosophy at the quarterback position. This is nothing new for the Jacksonville Jaguars starting quarterback. He transferred four times in college, finishing up as a Pac-12 superstar in the Air Raid for the Washington State Cougars. This helped him be drafted by the Jaguars in the sixth round.