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Podcast Vs. Everyone: How to be an ally

Let’s talk about race.

A protester wearing a facemask and holding an umbrella shows... Photo by Filip Radwanski/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

Everyone is aware of what’s happening around our country right now with regards to the Black Lives Matter protests that have swept across so many of our cities.

In the most important way — the fact that we’re all white — our podcast is ill-equipped to talk about race. However, knowing that our audience is almost assuredly mostly white, we felt like we had an opportunity to speak to what we know about how white people can be allies who are actually anti-racist in this moment, and not just non-racist.

Don’t know what the difference is? This podcast might be for you.

Know the difference but aren’t sure what you should be doing? This podcast might also be for you.

We talked for a long time, and we probably said some things along the way that missed the mark. Hopefully, you can understand that this is an effort to use our platform to do some good, and hopefully you remember that while we are earnest, we know that we’re still learning.

Fair warning, we do use naughty words from time.

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