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Pac-12 Network welcomes Rolovich, Minshew for 2018 game ‘watch party’

The current Cougar head coach meets up with the former Cougar quarterback to rewatch WSU’s 2018 classic against Utah

Valero Alamo Bowl - Iowa State v Washington State Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

It’s been nearly three and a half months since the last athletic event featuring a Pac-12 team last took place. Because of the pandemic-induced drought, the Pac-12 Network has had to get creative to fill air time this spring and summer. On Tuesday, they introduced a new program, it is right in the wheel house for Cougar fans everywhere. The best part is, even if you don’t get the network on TV, you can still watch the episode online now.

The network is calling the show ‘Football in 60: Watch Party.’ The latest edition brings together current WSU head coach Nick Rolovich and former WSU quarterback Gardner Minshew to watch Washington State’s 2018 come-from-behind win over Utah.

It’s an interesting pairing to bring together. Obviously, Minshew and Rolovich weren’t at WSU at the same time, and Coach Rolo had nothing to do with the game. Without a moderator or host, the two tend to fall into some lulls in conversation and some other awkward moments. But all in all, there are quite a few fun moments just listening to an NFL quarterback talk football with a head coach that has a mind for offenses like Rolovich.

Here’s a quick list of some notable moments from the watch party:

  • Minshew singing to praises of the WSU gameday experience to the new head coach. “I always tell people, man, in Pullman there’s not a whole lot, but everybody’s there for the same reason. It gives it a big family feel.”
  • Rolovich bragging about how good of a team the two were during commentary, adding they should do more of these. “I think this is the budding of a tag team relationship that rivals the Bushwackers or the Road Warriors.”
  • Both men making fun of the Utah safety on a long pass TD. “The safety just took off running to... Somewhere. We got an easy one there.” Minshew said. “I don’t know where he was going,” Rolovich added.
  • Minshew telling Rolovich how much he’s going to like Jahad Woods. “He’s a good leader. All over the field... He’s in line for a great year.”
  • Rolovich: “As Mouse Davis would say, ‘even if it’s on the one yard line,’ he’d say, ‘guys, we’re in the best spot we could be. They’ve got to defend 99 yards of our offense.’”
  • Rolovich giving some love to his fellow SF City College alum Easop Winston after his long touchdown catch. “Look at that. All right, Easop... That’s a city situation right there.”
  • Minshew signing off by saying he’s got to get up to Pullman this fall. “Anytime,” Rolovich answers. “You know you’re welcome.

If you’re interested in watching the full episode, whether you subscribe to the network or not, you can watch it on the Pac-12 website here, or embedded below. It’s also available on the Pac-12 Now app.

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