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Monday rewatch: 2003 Holiday Bowl

Holiday Bowl - Washington State v Texas Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

On June 8, I posted a Monday rewatch, highlighting WSU’s win against USC in 2017. Little did I know, a YouTube hero uploaded the entire 2003 Holiday Bowl against Texas just two days later.

Just in case you were wondering what you are doing for the next three hours.

This was one of the first games I remember watching after officially deciding to go to WSU as a high school senior, and resulted in my first WSU shirt, a classic random bowl game victory t-shirt.

Rewatching this game, I realized I forgot a lot about it. One thing I did not forget was how damn good Sammy Moore was. In case you can’t watch the entire game, make sure you watch both of Moore’s touchdowns, and his nifty third-quarter punt return.

Touchdown 1

Touchdown 2

Non-Touchdown, but still very good punt return

There are roughly 400 other link-worthy plays during this game, but really you should just watch the entire game. Who needs to be productive on a Monday anyway?



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