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WSU goes online in the fall

And I would like to try out for any virtual sports!

Arizona State v Washington State Photo by William Mancebo/Getty Images

Good morning, Coug fans! I am coming to you live from the patio of a coffee shop that has WiFi for another moving struggle. Deciding to move during a pandemic has been such a strange experience, but I look at most things that we used to find ordinary, but are still doing during the pandemic as opportunities to tell future children about what life was like.

And life is pretty strange right now.

Washington State has decided to go all online for the fall semester, and as a rising senior at a different college, I empathize. While my school has not made classes entirely online yet, I won’t be surprised if they do. Obviously this isn’t ideal, but I’m trying to remember the greater risk involved. I’m very lucky to go to college in general. Even at Zoom University!! (Cries in student debt).

However, I do think this is an excellent opportunity for WSU Esports to thrive. I don’t know much about esports, other than online gaming, which can be done socially distant! In the comfort of ones own home! Unless it can’t and I am utterly uninformed. But I think if colleges can figure out classes at home, they can figure something out for that as well.

This does raise a question about fall sports. We know some teams are back in Pullman and practicing, and from what I can tell, they are taking careful measures to stay healthy!

I do have some propositions for sports going online- if football is simply done over Madden, it’s done over Madden. Obviously not ideal, again, but what is during a global pandemic?

This is also my official try out for the online basketball team, provided that gets altered as well. I am pretty decent at NBA 2k, and with Damian Lillard on the cover... I’m just letting you all know I’m available.

I hope you took all of that with a grain of salt. I’m just a grouchy college student. I also hope everyone out there is staying safe and healthy!


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