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Pat Chun is optimistic WSU will have fall sports

Just three of 216 student athletes have tested positive for COVID-19

NCAA Football: Utah at Washington State James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

With Washington State moving to being almost entirely online this fall semester, many wondered what that would mean for fall sports. From football to soccer to volleyball, there’s plenty of successful teams to be interested in this fall.

Athletic Director Pat Chun met with the media yesterday and shared some optimism that WSU would be able to have some sort of fall sports season. Chun also shared that just three of the 216 student athletes on campus have tested positive for COVID-19, a 1.3% positive rate. Chun did, however, make the point that the positive rate of overall tests is lower due to athletes being tested multiple times.

“The rate we’re headed in Pullman right now, we feel good about our chances to get fall sports going sometime in September. As many of us know, this is a day-to-day, week-to-week type of environment,” Chun said, as reported by The Spokesman-Review’s Theo Lawson.

For comparison’s sake, the state of Washington has a 5.7% positive rate, while Whitman County has just 74 total cases since March.

Whether fall sports happen or not won’t be decided by WSU. The Pac-12 membership will work together to make that decision. So while the fall semester will look a lot different in Pullman, there is still hope for fall sports.

Report: WSU to play at USC if football uses a 10-game, conference-only schedule

So says Stadium’s Brett McMurphy:

WSU already had five home games scheduled, and the conference wants each team to have equal amount of home and road games. USC had four home games, so the matchup works.

Arizona, who we’d all probably rather play, also only had four home games, but I’m too lazy to look up everybody’s schedule to see who messed that one up for us. Ah, well.


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