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Happy Independence Day, Coug fans

NCAA Football: San Jose State at Washington State James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

Happy 4th of July my fellow Coug fans! My family has always enjoyed the freedoms we have as Americans. I come from a military family, so celebrating our independence has always been a big deal. I know I speak for all of us when I say thank you to fellow CougCenter author PJ Kendell for his service. Thanks PJ!

And to any of our valued readers who double as current or former military members, thanks for your service too!

With little in the way of Cougar athletics, there’s really not a ton to write about. Jeff had the big news yesterday with the signing of Carlos Rosario. Suddenly I’m extremely excited for the future of Cougar basketball—the most I’ve been since the Bennett years.

Other than’s mostly crickets out there. Want some football excitement? Allow Jouvensly Bazil to have the floor:

To which Willie Taylor replied:

Now let’s hope they can actually practice and play this fall.

Anyway, have a good 4th. This is my favorite version of the Star Spangled Banner, in case you were wondering:


Carlos Rosario makes it official, signs with WSU basketball | The Spokesman-Review
PULLMAN – Carlos Rosario made it official on Friday.

Rosario Makes it Official - Washington State University Athletics
The newest signing makes it six new Cougs for the upcoming season.