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Describing your favorite WSU moments in a boring way

It’s the latest Twitter trend, and you guys delivered some good ones.

Jacksonville Jaguars v Houston Texans Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

Over the past few days the trend of describing favorite things in a boring way has caught on, targeting everything from sports to movies to TV and everything in between. But last night on our Twitter account, we presented a similar challenge that hit closer to home:

“Describe your favorite Coug sports moment, as boring as possible.”

There were plenty of big moments to choose from... And you guys delivered with some good ones. I decided to go through the replies, pick some of my favorites and pair them with the actual moment they were describing, just to see how they matched up.

2012 Apple Cup

It was one of the most iconic comebacks in Cougar history. Of course this one deserved the boring treatment. Here’s a look at the actual (exciting, heartbreaking, then exciting again) moment.

Popcorn Guy

Just a man enjoying his popcorn. Nothing to see here.

College Gameday

I mean, this one is actually pretty easy to twist into a boring thing. On paper, it’s a show that sets up in the middle of the night, talks for a while, puts on a mascot head, packs up, and leaves a full 10 hours before a game even starts. But in reality, it was anything but boring.

Other Big Plays


NCAA Football: Boise State at Washington State James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s take a trip even further back down memory lane...

How about giving a kicker some love?

This one didn’t even need words for their “boring” moment.

More from the Apple Cup. This time a very underrated moment from the ‘80’s.

I agree. There hasn’t been nearly enough basketball in this reply section...

Okay, one more for good measure...

Let’s hear your favorite WSU moment. Reply to our Tweet or leave it in the comments below. Just make sure that you describe it in the most boring way possible.


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