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Anthony Gordon warms up with the Seahawks

And we love to see it.

Washington State v Washington Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Good morning, Coug fans! For the personal anecdote today, there was almost a tornado in Chicago! Which was strange. I’m lucky, I didn’t lose power, but several of my friends did. It didn’t hit very hard here, but other places in the midwest did see a lot of damage.

Onto business!

As I’m sure you all know, there is no college football. And it hurts. There is no soccer- that one really hurts. If you look up “fall sports” it sends you to several COVID-related headlines. It hurts. But we can’t grieve forever- in fact, I have something that might make everyone feel a bit better!

This tweet: !

Anthony Gordon practicing, wearing number 6, and while I’m not sure if that number has any significance- it does now!

There’s a way to stream Seahawks practices, there’s one later today- and you can watch it here!

Seahawk fans are still attached to Russel Wilson- and I get that. But it warms my heart to see Gordo warming up, and fans warming up to the idea of him!

He hasn’t secured backup quarterback ***yet*** but I know he’ll bring the big guns.

I’ve had a lot of good sports news lately, as a Blazers fan and as a Gordo fan. That’s been my pocket of joy.

But it has been difficult to find pockets of joy lately. So much is changing in the world, a lot of it is important change, but learning and adapting is hard. I know firsthand how connecting through sports, and learning through sports can be helpful in that regard, and if no one has told you yet- I’m proud of you. Do something today that you’ve been putting off. Compliment someone. Emotionally pay it forward- you will feel better! This community reminds us every single day that we are not alone. Gordo did a great job, and you’re doing a great job!

That was gooey. But while I have you here, please support Pullman businesses if you’re there! So much revenue is lost, so if you have the financial ability please consider ordering take out from somewhere local!! That’s all I have for today. Here, have some...


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