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Get to know Efe Abogidi

Another interview link!

NCAA Basketball: Arizona State at Washington State James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, Coug fans! I want to start first by sending out some love and support to everyone in the path of the wildfires, I have some Wildfire Relief Information from the American Red Cross linked, in case you’re able to help out in some way. Please, if you can, go give blood too!

In a world full of not so happy news, I bring you another wholesome interview- this time, Matt Chazanow has Cougar Chats w/ Efe Abogidi - Nigerian basketball player turned Coug! They talk about his incredible journey to Pullman, and what brought him there.

To give you some context, the freshman center stands at 6’10”, and could do this at 15. One-Five. Fifteen. Click the link, you will not regret it. I’ll spoil it for you now in case you didn’t already click the link- it’s him dunking from the free throw line. As a fifteen year old. So go back and watch, it’s great.

We have football back in some capacity- NFL is starting up, and our two favorite boys reunite in Jacksonville on Sunday. I’m not exactly sure how the bubble is working, but I hope we get a Dez and Minshew reunion picture.

I also hope everyone is staying safe and inside, with air quality getting worse and the still-happening global pandemic. TGIF, Cougs! Have a nice cold beer inside if you are of age.


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