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Let’s Simulate 2020 WSU Football on NCAA 14

There might not be any real WSU football in 2020, but we are here to simulate the season on NCAA 14.

Stanford v Washington State
These fans are real but the football will be fake.
Photo by William Mancebo/Getty Images

We should be discussing what happened in a real WSU football game right now, but 2020 is weird. Don’t worry! We have a replacement: an NCAA 14 simulated Washington State football season, complete with 2020 schedules and (mostly correct) rosters.

I’ve invested many actual hours of my free time modding NCAA 14 to get this set up with what should have been the 2020 football schedule. All the games will be streamed live on the CougCenter Twitch page, also known as the CougCenter Twitch Sports Network (CTSN). Subscribe!


Our resident voice, Michael Preston, will be offering up his services as a play-by-play lead—so don’t worry, you don’t have to listen to canned commentary from 2014 video game Brad Nessler and 2014 video game Kirk Herbstreit. I will be running the stream and serving as the color commentator. I will not be playing, these games will be CPU vs. CPU simulations. Y’all don’t want to see me run the same three plays all day.

I’ve landed on eight-minute quarters for the simulations. That gives a somewhat realistic amount of plays in a game based on my tests, and the games should last around an hour and 15 minutes. We’ll also do pregame and postgame coverage each week, so expect the streams to be around two hours.

There’s also a good chance I’ll be on the CougCenter Twitch page tonight with a quick season preview, which will actually just be me making sure that the stream will work. I’ll tweet out a time when I expect to do that.

We’ll be going live for Washington State vs. Utah State tomorrow morning at 11 am (PT). Just like in real life, we’ll keep most game times TBA (we have kids) until the week before. Here are the tentative dates for each game, we are going to try to do this in real-time, with weekly games on Saturdays:

NCAA 14 Simulated WSU 2020 Football Schedule

Date Opponent Location Time (PT) TV
Date Opponent Location Time (PT) TV
9/5 Utah State Logan, UT 11 am CTSN
9/12 Houston Pullman, WA TBA CTSN
9/19 Idaho Pullman, WA TBA CTSN
9/26 Oregon State Corvallis, OR TBA CTSN
10/3 California Pullman, WA TBA CTSN
10/10 Utah Pullman, WA TBA CTSN
10/17 Stanford Palo Alto, CA TBA CTSN
10/24 BYE
10/31 Arizona State Pullman, WA TBA CTSN
11/7 Colorado Boulder, CO TBA CTSN
11/14 UCLA Los Angeles, CA TBA CTSN
11/21 Oregon Pullman, WA TBA CTSN
11/27 Washington Pullman, WA TBA CTSN

But this won’t stop at streams! We are going full coverage with this thing. There will be written recaps and previews on the site (sorry about missing a thorough Utah State preview, the set up of this took way longer than I thought it would). There will also be weekly podcasts on the simulated season.

And yes, we will be doing recruiting coverage. I’m tinkering with the idea of doing a weekly recruiting stream as well. We’ll be writing up the latest fake commitments that will shape the future of our fake program.

There may be more! Who knows where this thing will go. It should be fun. So gather your friends and family at a safe distance, subscribe to the CougCenter Twitch, crack a beer, and join us on Saturday morning for fake WSU’s fake opener against fake Utah State.