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Pac-12 announces COVID-19 testing initiative, giving fans hope for college sports

Pac-12 Championship - Stanford v USC Photo by David Madison/Getty Images

This week, the Pac-12 announced what it’s calling a “testing research initiative” with Quidel, a company that develops diagnostic treatments. The conference will implement daily COVID-19 testing for athletes throughout the conference. Apparently Quidel’s tests are the rapid response type, which is a major hurdle that seems to be cleared as the Pac-12 works on getting back to playing games.

Schools are expected to receive the test supplies by the end of September.

So, what does this mean for Pac-12 competition this fall? While nothing is guaranteed, and nobody is making any guarantees, either, it at least provides hope that the conference could amend its “no sports before Jan. 1” edict it implemented earlier this summer. That’s important, especially because the college basketball season could begin as early as Nov. 25.

There are all sorts of boxes still to check. Not all schools are allowed by their respective health officials to begin any kind of official activity, but this is a step in the right direction.

Time for some imagination: What if the Pac-12 is able to go with a spring semester football schedule? How great would it be to schedule home football and basketball games on consecutive days? That’d give the ticket office some opportunities to offer some packaged deals, as long as fans are allowed in the buildings. Again, a lot still to be determined, but there’s hope, at least.

How soon is too soon for Brian Green to offer Rivers Gleason a scholarship?

Tay Martin is eligible

Hey, I recognize that voice....

Davontavean Martin will be eligible to play this season for the Oklahoma State Cowboys. This is a great opportunity for the young man.


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