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The CougCenter Hour: Kyle Smith joins us to talk about the men’s basketball season!

We also go over a superb win by the football team in Tempe.

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Ooh, you know I / I found the simple life ain’t so simple / When I jumped out, on that road / I got no love, no love you’d call real / Ain’t got nobody, waitin’ at home / Runnin’ with the Devil (Hold on, hold on I’m runnin’ ah yeah) / Runnin’ with the Devil (Ooh ooh, one more time)

What a big, massive, STONEY win over the Arizona State Sun Devils in Tempe. We’ll go over what a complete win that was before a great preview of the upcoming men’s basketball season with head coach Kyle Smith, including his thoughts on signing a long term deal and what the heck his rotation is going to look like in 2021-2022.

Then ... yeah, we need to touch on Jimmy Lake. Plus, perhaps our favorite Dunderhead of the Week ever and we end with Ask Michael Anything.

Thank you, as always, for listening!