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WSU women vs Arizona

And hopes for a similar result

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: JAN 29 Women’s Stanford at Washington State

Good morning, Coug fans! I hope everyone is tucked snugly inside during this potential snow storm! Things aren’t too bad where I am, but it’s nice and snowy outside! I plan to stay curled up and watch some basketball today. Join me!

Last night was quite a time, right? Hopefully some of the men’s luck will rub off on our Washington State women’s basketball team as they take on Arizona today at 6pm, on Pac-12 Washington.

We’ve played Arizona before, so allow me to jog your memory once again.

The game went into overtime, and we came out on top, beating Arizona 71-69. That game was another example of Charlisse Leger-Walker’s star power. The Leger-Walker dynamic duo led the team in scoring, Charlisse had 17 points, and Krystal had 14.

The game was also great for Bella Murakatete, who also put up 14 points.

Arizona out-scored us in the first quarter, however we were quick to get back on the horse, and managed to clean up each quarter after, including overtime!

Now, let’s refresh our memories in terms of the Arizona players. Aari McDonald was the leading scorer for our previous match up, putting up 23 points and 11 rebounds. The senior guard is only 5’6, but she gets her point across.

Cate Reese had 10 points, which begun the series of either 8 or 9 points from various players. Aside from McDonald’s stand out, Arizona disperses their talent.

Trinity Baptiste led in free throws, making 5 out of 6. She’s a senior forward, but her talents vary. She went from 17 points against Cal, to 2 points against Utah. I’m assuming we can expect a little more wild card energy from her.

Arizona’s 3-point leader was Sam Thomas, who attempted five but only made two. As long as our defense holds strong inside the paint, I’m ambitious for the outcome today!

Once again, the game is at 6pm on Pac-12 Washington! See you (virtually) there.


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