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Pat Chun to announce sponsorship of WSU athletics facility to regents on Friday

The AD said during the Thursday meeting of the regents he would not reveal the name of the company until just before the vote to approve.

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Friday is shaping up to a big day for the financial future of Washington State Cougars athletics. In a very brief appearance during the first day of the monthly Board of Regents meeting today, athletics director Pat Chun revealed the school had come to terms on an agreement to rename one of the athletics facilities after a corporate partner.

“The facility space would be named by a corporate entity that resides in the state of Washington,” said Chun. “The sponsorship is a 10 year term.”

Chun did not disclose the exact financial terms of the agreement, the corporate partner or even which facility will be getting the name change, though it’s a safe bet to assume it’ll be Martin Stadium. Chun asked the regents that the corporate partner remain anonymous until his pitch to the group tomorrow ahead of the required vote to approve such a change.

Chun added that the financial terms will be fixed but there will also be other incentives built in. The contract will also come with “on campus experiential learning opportunities” according to Chun.

A couple of years ago, Darigold was reportedly interested in naming rights to Martin Stadium but the deal apparently fell apart. Chun did not tip his hand at all on whether the school had worked out whatever issues there may have been with Darigold or if it’s another company entirely but that would mesh with the additional on-campus learning.

Regardless, what would ordinarily be a meeting not many alums have interest in will be very worth paying attention to tomorrow. As of this writing, today’s meeting is still ongoing so you’ll need to scroll back to find Chun’s very brief check in.