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Full weekend for WSU Tennis

Plus, links

Colorado v Washington State Photo by William Mancebo/Getty Images

Good morning, Coug fans! Today I wanted to put the tennis team right back on your radar. After an upsetting No. 16 USC 4-3, our Washington State Cougars went on to beat Utah yesterday 4-1. Strap in for a very exciting weekend!

Today the Cougs take on Arizona State, at 1:30 pm. Now, ASU is sitting at No. 26, with a 7-3 record so far. Some of their players have gained some national attention, specifically senior Ilze Hattingh is 37th in the nation.

ASU also lost to Baylor (like us), but have yet to play USC. So there’s no joke about “well sure they might have nationally ranked players, or whatever, but did they upset USC?” - I’ll be following this closely when it is their turn to see if I can one day tweet that joke.

Back on schedule.

After Arizona State today, the Cougs take on Arizona. They’re 8-4 this season, with a 0-1 Pac 12 record. The Cougs are only 6-20 against Arizona, but we’ve won the last two times.

Let’s talk about our Coug, Savanna Ly-Nguyen, or as I will be referring to her, upset champion. The junior’s three set victory was the final nail in the coffin for USC- a sentence all other Pac 12 schools love to read. Out of all of her sets this season, she’s only lost one against UCLA. Beyond impressive.

Along with Ly-Nguyen, some of our other standouts responsible for our take on the Trojan horse were Michaela Bayerlova and Hikaru Sato. This dynamic duo sealed the deal in doubles to upset USC. I look forward to the hell they’ll raise against the Arizona’s.

Our updated ranking rose to No. 38, after we entered the week at 47. A pretty decent jump, I’d say!

In conclusion, if you aren’t a tennis fan: become one now. I think we’re in for an exciting weekend. Go Cougs!