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Fewer than 100 days remain until college football returns

It’s kinda sorta maybe getting close!

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NCAA Football: Washington State at Oregon State Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning. If you’re like me, you have really been looking forward to this summer. I’ve got my own reasons for getting antsy about summer’s onset, but all of us are probably quite excited about the next few months. Shots are going into arms, temperatures are rising, virus cases are waning (fingers crossed!) and people are getting out and about. In other words, the Summer of George should pale in comparison to the summer of 2021!

But as much fun as this summer should be (again, fingers crossed!), this week saw a crossing of one threshold toward fall, as we are now than fewer than 100 days until college football kicks off for real. Between now and then, instead of waking up to a new round of cancellations or postponements every day, we’ll be able to read about the important things such as a freshman who is poised to take over at second-team left guard, or the position group that had its best offseason conditioning program yet, with everybody really buying in and adopting a “team-first” attitude.

Big picture-wise, what are we excited about? Personally, other than watching the Cougs play an actual season, I’m excited for this year’s football trip with my dad and brother. After previous stops at Ole Miss, Clemson and Wisconsin, 2021 will bring a trip to Austin in late September. I don’t know what I’m looking forward to more, the football or the food. Over/under on pounds gained in those four days is 9.5. The over is currently -1000, while the under is + eleventy billion.

Before that, there’s football in August! As has been the norm for the last few seasons, we get an appetizer of “Week Zero” games, one of which sees the UCLA Bruins face Nick Rolovich’s former team, the Hawaii Rainbow Warriors. The other game of semi-note features the Illinois Fighting Illini and new coach Bert Bielema hosting the Nebraska Cornhuskers. No word on whether Bill Moos and his brief case of snake oil will also make the trip.

The next week is when things really kick into gear, with the Alabama Crimson Tide facing the Miami Hurricanes (neutral site boooooooo!) along with the Georgia Bulldogs and Clemson Tigers squaring off in a titanic matchup (also neutral site boooooo!). One under-the-radar game that could be sneaky good is the Iowa Hawkeyes vs. Indiana Hoosiers in Iowa City. There’s even a fun Sunday game, especially for the olds among us, as the one-time ACC member Notre Dame Fighting Irish travel to Tallahassee to face the Florida State Seminoles.

For Washington State Cougars fans, Week 1 is gonna be pretty great, because it’ll be the first time in 650(!) days that they can gather in parking lots around Martin Stadium - in some capacity - to celebrate together. I assume there will be a hug or two in the tailgating areas. Hopefully high-fives will follow hugs once the fans are inside the stadium watching the Cougs take on the Utah State Aggies.

Team-wise, the biggest storyline is obviously who will start the season behind center. Other than that, I’m curious about how Nick Rolovich and Co. will balance out the running back rotation. The guess here is the norm will be two series for Max Borghi, and one series for Deon McIntosh. But man, I sure hope they scheme a few ways to get both guys in at the same time.

Defensively, as many have pointed out, the Cougs really need to shore up the safety position, so I look forward to those position battles throughout preseason camp (no longer in Lewiston!). For the first time in what seems like decades, WSU is pretty well set at cornerback. As always, the key will be preventing explosive plays, so hopefully Jake Dickert and the defensive staff have the back line defenders primed to put a lid on what was WSU’s biggest bugaboo in 2019.

I could probably go on for a while, but I’ll spare y’all for now. What are you excited about, other than everything?


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This Week in Parenting

Mrs. Kendall had a bit of a moment this week, as she was ordering some new shorts for the 12 year-old. He’s somewhat of a beanpole, but he’s tall enough that she had to go with an adult-sized pair. So she ordered a men’s 28 and they fit just fine. As moms do, Mrs. Kendall reacted by wondering what the heck happened to her little boy. My retort was that he and I would be able to trade clothes pretty soon. She didn’t think it was as funny as I did.

Elsewhere, it seems we have a cat that has begun its attention-grabbing insurgency, as they tend to do. As Mrs. Kendall was taking part in a spin class on Friday, little Comino sprang her plan into action, matriculating her way to the cabinet above the kitchen counter and swatting some of my Airborne beer bottles on to the floor. In addition to the bottles, Mrs. Kendall’s prized wine glass was also part of the collateral damage. But that wasn’t enough, as Comino went from there to the top of the narrow wall that separates the kitchen from the family room (at least 12 feet from the floor) so she could admire her path of destruction from above.

Luckily for her, Mrs. Kendall is a total sucker, and couldn’t muster any lingering anger despite having to clean up glass for much of the morning. In another bit of good fortune, the beer bottles were empty. Had they been full, Comino the cat would now be Comino foster cat.


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