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Cougs take on Olympic Trials

Track and Field shoots for the moon!

Washington State v Stanford Photo by David Madison/Getty Images

Good morning, Coug fans!

As the 2021 Olympics grow closer and closer, you might recognize four familiar names as they attempt a shot to compete for the United States Track and Field team.

Up first we have former Coug, 2013 grad Caroline Austin. Austin is a distance runner, and ended her tenure at Wazzu as team captain. Wishing her nothing but luck!

Another Coug going for gold is Brock Eager- Eager is a thrower who ended his time at WSU in 2019, where he PRed and had the third-best mark in WSU history in the hammer throw at 71.90m!

CJ Allen hurdles his way towards the Olympic trials, literally. He finished his career at WSU as a Second-Team All-American and a two-time Pac 12 Champion in 2016. This will not be his first Olympic trials, as he was accepted in 2016.

And finally, current Coug Paul Ryan (see Kevin’s article last week for a political pun) is trying his luck. He has a PR in the 1500 of 3:40.98, and his mile time is under 4 minutes. That feels insane to me.

Let’s all agree to get very very excited about track and field, and the prospect of having some Olympic Cougs! I hope everyone has a great weekend, especially Caroline Austin, Brock Eager, CJ Allen, and WSU’s Paul Ryan.


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