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Podcast Vs. Everyone: Live from Marco Polo in Seattle!

Talking Cougs, fried chicken, fry sauce ... and that time Nick Rolovich showed up and bought everyone beer.

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Neon at Night

The slow offseason marches on, and since we were on our way up to the Sounders on Wednesday anyway, we took a detour through Georgetown to hit up Seattle’s most iconic Coug bar: Marco Polo.

If you’re not from Seattle, you might not be familiar with Marco Polo, which is a hub of Cougar activity in King County — including legendary football gamedays. But you’re probably familiar with that time WSU football coach Nick Rolovich bought everyone beer at a couple of Seattle bars shortly after he was hired:

Anyway, we sat down with Coug owner Matt Miera to talk about the Cougs, his awesome bar (including their great fried chicken and fry sauce), what it was like to have Rolovich show up at your joint, thoughts on the football and basketball teams, our favorite WSU memories, and more — including answering some listener questions!

You’ll probably hate it. We don’t care. We also use naughty words from time to time. You’ve been warned.

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