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The CougCenter Hour: Football is back! Plus, Kyle Bonagura on the mystery of Dolores Wulff, Paul Wulff’s mother

Some four decades after her disappearance, Paul Wulff’s family can finally lay their mother and sister to rest.

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Season Nine (9!) of the CougCenter Hour is here! We made it despite what everyone said about us when we started.*

*No one said anything.

To get things started, we’ll review the last eight months which featured /gestures broadly at everything. ESPN’s Kyle Bonagura joins us next to talk about a fascinating look into the disappearance of Paul Wulff’s mother Dolores and the discovery of her body some 41 years after she disappeared this past October. It’s a deep dive into a story that finally reached as much of a conclusion as it likely ever will some four decades after it started.

As usual, we end with our Dunderhead of the Week and Ask Michael Anything. Thank you as always for listening!