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UPDATE! Charity Raffle: Win Tickets + Lodging + Parking to WSU Homecoming

Want to go to Pullman for WSU homecoming but can’t find a place to stay? Time to give to the Cougs.

Butch T. Cougar

UPDATE! We’ve raised nearly $1500 for WSU so far! You can still be part of the raffle, and help us get to $2000! Submit your donation receipts by 11:59 pm on Oct. 3 to enter.

I am officially against fall weddings. However, I have been invited to one on Oct. 9 that I cannot skip. I like the people too much, unfortunately. So, I’m sitting on a hotel reservation and tickets and parking for WSU vs. Oregon State. I could cancel the hotel and sell the tickets, but what fun would that be?

Instead, I’m going to run a charity raffle. If you’d like to enter, pick something on the WSU Online Giving page, donate, and send me a screenshot of your receipt through direct message on Twitter (@TheCraigPowers) or by email via You could give to something like the Crimson Opportunity Fund, which is targeted at students with financial need, or the Student Emergency Fund, which helps students impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s up to you, as long as it can be found on this page.

Every $10 gets you one entry. I will enter all the donations into a spreadsheet, randomize the order, then use a random number generator to pick the winner. If your company does a donation match, prove it to me and I’ll give you credit for the match as well. To be included in this raffle, donations must occur from the time this post was published to 11:59 pm on Sunday, Oct. 3. The winner will be selected and informed on Monday, Oct. 4.

The winner will get:

  • Two nights paid stay (Oct. 8 through Oct. 10, 2021) at the Hilltop Inn in Pullman, WA.
  • Two 50-yard-line (Section 6) tickets to Washington State vs. Oregon State football on Oct. 9, 2021 (tickets are under the overhang).
  • One A-Lot parking pass for Washington State vs Oregon State football on Oct. 9, 2021.

If you’d like to donate as part of this raffle, but cannot accept the prize, let me know and I won’t include you in the random selection—you will still get a hearty thanks. The winner will need to give me (Craig Powers) their valid phone number or e-mail for easy transfer of tickets, as well as their name for the hotel. The winner will likely have to present a credit card at the hotel for potential incidental charges. This prize does not include transportation to Pullman; the winner will have to arrange that themselves. I’m not gonna give you cash for the prize instead, this is only for the hotel, tickets, and parking.

So, if you go donate to WSU at this link, and send me your receipts for entry, you could be finding your way back home for WSU homecoming!