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Cougology: WSU Fights Against the Trojans

Our own mythology, and so it is written.

Jack Ellis/CougCenter

Good morning, Coug fans!

I can’t believe we’re already at week 6! Time is just flying by. And you didn’t think I’d let this week pass without making sure I properly make fun of our opponents, the University of Spoiled- I mean, University of Southern California Trojans, did you?

Let’s walk down a specifically curated version of memory lane- Cougs vs. Trojans edition.

Obviously I’m going to start with 2017. A fun personal anecdote, since I’ve been peppering those in here lately, is that victorious 30-27 upset fell during my freshman year of college. I had figured out how to get the game on the TV in my dorm room (yes, my college dorms were apartment style, no, we don’t need to talk about that right now) and I was thrilled. The game was close, and I had roped two of my roommates into watching with me. Until the fire alarm went off. Someone had been making popcorn in their microwave two or three floors above me, and it had literally caught fire. My roommate Rachel (shout out to Rachel if you’re reading this) had to physically drag me out of the building, at which time I had switched the game to a radio app I had on my phone. I’ll never forget walking down the stairs of my building, in head to toe Coug gear with my WSU blanket wrapped around my shoulders, listening and then screaming as Erik Powell nailed the 33 yard field goal to bring the score to 20-17.

Clearly we were all fine and the fire situation was quickly resolved, but I was standing outside jumping and screaming, and probably scaring the majority of my dorm residents for the majority of the third and fourth quarters. Perhaps I should take a similar approach tomorrow?

You might also remember 2013, where we were able to defeat USC 10-7. Even though we finished 6-7 that season, it had some of my favorite guys on our roster. This game in particular had Andrew Furney’s perfect beautiful amazing 41 yard field goal to win the game. Glorious to remember.

But what is actually up with USC? The USC mascot, according to google, is a white horse called “Traveler” with a Trojan warrior on top. While there are obvious condom puns I could be making, I am going to shift instead to Greek mythology. Yeah, USC students probably read the Iliad, which is unsurprising to me because the epic poem is noted for casting off any female characters. Kinda sexist, Homer. Kinda sexist, USC.

I have to be honest, the main reason I’m avoiding condom jokes is because the Trojan war and the Peloponnesian war are entirely different wars, but the play Lysistrata is set during the Peloponnesian war, where the women of the warring cities were prompted to withhold sex in order to end the war. There are so many JOKES I could be making about not needing condoms, especially Trojans, and how USC students probably don’t need to be told to abstain from anything anyway since who wants to get that close to a USC student anyway- it practically writes itself. But you can’t rewrite history. Despite my grueling efforts.

If we’re talking incredible history, however, let’s pivot back to WSU’s 1934 win with a final score of 19-0. Orin E. Hollingbery, also known as “Babe” led the ‘34 team to a fantastic victory in LA! That is the kind of history I want to repeat itself.

Also, and this one is a bit more low hanging, but since we were talking about ponies- is the mascot supposed to represent the Trojan horse, game winning strategy used by the Greeks to secure the bag at the gates of Troy, or IS USC Troy? According to my research- they are Troy. In which case, again, I wish this was the Peloponnesian war so I could make the “we are Sparta” joke, but alas. I’m not mad if in this actual scenario, we can be compared to say- Hercules, or Odysseus, which is cool, but I want to yell about Sparta.

Overall, if we can learn anything from history, it’s that Emma had too much free time as a child, and sometimes it’s a mistake to underestimate the underdog. Go Cougs.


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