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What Your Favorite WSU Uni Combo Says About You

To quote Craig Powers: “This is your brand now.”

Jack Ellis/CougCenter

Good morning, Coug fans!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been thinking about how cool our very own Washington State University media team is, and how incredible the uniform reveal was this week. If you haven’t seen (or, rather, heard) it, grab some headphones and click below!

Now that we’re all caught up on that- can we talk about the new Gray / Anthracite / Gray ?? It absolutely rocks in my opinion. Speaking of my opinion, I thought this week I could do another first part in a series, because there are just so many uniform combos and so little time, for what your favorite Washington State uniform combo says about you!

Huge thank you to my friend and fellow contributor Nate for the assist on this one!

Let’s kick things off strong with the Icy Whites.
Some of you may remember my first ever Coug Center article was about this very uniform combo. It sparked a lot of controversy at the time, not because a woman had a byline, but because I brought up the potential curse of this uniform. While the curse has since been myth busted, I stand by that if this is your favorite combo, you live life on the edge. You’re a rebel. You are the Irish Goodbye or run away drunk in your friend group. Have you been skydiving? Is your bucket list a little more real than anyone else's? You didn’t do the 2014 Ice Bucket Challenge just to do it, you had people from all angles shoot water guns full of the coldest water imaginable at you while someone dumped one of those 10 gallon buckets full of ice cubes on you. You make me a little nervous but I respect you.

If Gray / Crimson / Gray is the one for you...
You’re a classic. You respect tradition. You know how to fold a fitted sheet. You probably come from a long line of Cougs! You almost remind me of Tom Tuttle from Tacoma from the movie The Volunteers. If you aren’t familiar with that movie, unfortunately I just aged my parents. I’ll attach a clip of Tom singing our beloved fight song at the end of this article! When you go back to visit, you know all the short cuts and talk about how any amount of time can pass, but Pullman is still the same beautiful home to you it’s always been. This is a more wholesome combo. You make my heart a little warm, G/C/G.

The All Anthracite is a bold classic...
And if this is your favorite, so are you. This is the smokey eye. The edge. The storm. I like it. It scares me. If this is your favorite, I’m guessing you’re the friend that is always down for one more beer, and who has everyones back. This look is fun because it’s out of the box, where did it come from? We’ll never know. It’s there and then it’s gone, fast as lightning. You like spicy food a lot and whenever your friend is like “dang, this is pretty spicy,” you just take a bigger bite and lock eyes with them, daring your own to start watering. They never do.

If you’re like me, you love the Anthracite / Crimson / Anthracite.
Hear me out- this one is just fresh. It takes a look that already rocks, and adds a bit of danger to it. It’s not crazy out of the box, but it keeps you on your toes. This look means business, but it was also the class clown. A/C/A is a huge sack celebration. It’s work hard play hard. If this is your favorite, I’m guessing you claim to be a “dart shark” at dive bars, but end up getting distracted and talking to the old regular sitting at the bar who tells you all his war stories. Your friends want you DJing all the parties. You set the vibe. We should all hang out sometime!

And finally, if you love the Ketchup Bottle...
For those of you who don’t know, the White / Crimson / Crimson number is affectionately known as the Ketchup Bottle. I think this favorite is reserved for the people who get a kick out of Spongebob at any age. You guys are the lighthearted, whimsical folks who are just here for a good time. You brighten every room, and while the jokes you make don’t often make a whole lot of sense at first, everyone cracks up in the car on the ride home. If sunshine was a human person, this is you! You’re smiling while reading this, aren’t you? Because it’s true. This uni combo just makes me laugh and smile whenever we wear it, because they really do look like a ketchup bottle, and whenever I see one of you the same contagious positivity radiates. Keep doin you, ketchup bottles.

This is all for now, if I didn’t get to your favorite combo- rest assured, it’s coming. Tell me if I’m accurate at all, and if no one’s told you yet- I hope you have a great day! Let’s beat Arizona State tomorrow. Go Cougs, stay hydrated, love you!


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