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Who’s in, who’s out as WSU faces Fresno State in the Jimmy Kimmel Bowl

We’re going to see a new lineup this afternoon.

NCAA Football: LA Bowl-Oregon State vs Utah State Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning Coug fans, and welcome to the last day of the 2022 college football season for our Washington State Cougars. Did the Jimmy Kimmel L.A. Bowl sneak up on all of you as much as it snuck up on me? That’s probably because we’re not used to playing a bowl game so early in the bowl season. Nevertheless, it’s time to dust off your crimson and gray and secure the remote as we settle into another bowl game.

As part of the bowl festivities, the Cougs had a chance to appear on the Jimmy Kimmel Show this week. I know Kimmel’s brand of comedy is subjective, as all comedy (and art) is, but I’ve never been a huge fan for whatever reason. He’s just not my style, I suppose. Anyway, he brought on the Cougs and the legendary WSU logo....and didn’t have nice or particularly funny things to say about it. That would get you life in prison in some corners of the internet, but lucky for Kimmel, the Cougs saved him with their follow-up:

As for the game, it may have lost its luster for many fans due to opt-outs, transfers and coaches departing. Here’s a refresher on who’s out today:

  • Daiyan Henley (opt-out, though he’ll be on the sidelines)
  • Francisco Mauigoa (transfer)
  • Travion Brown (transfer)
  • De’Zhaun Stribling (transfer)
  • Donovan Ollie (transfer)
  • Chris Jackson (transfer)
  • Brian Ward (took the ASU defensive coordinator job)
  • Eric Morris (took the North Texas head coaching job)
  • AJ Cooper (also leaving for Arizona State)

So, that’s two starting linebackers, the first linebacker off the bench, two starting outside receivers, a backup DB, the DC, OC and another defensive coach. A few other reserves are also transferring.

So, the team we’ll see today won’t be the same we saw during the season, to say the least. The good news is that Armani Marsh should return, and Renard Bell is a game-time decision, according to Jake Dickert. Dickert will act as defensive coordinator today, and the offense will take a by-committee approach, apparently.

Dickert also indicated he’ll have an OC and a DC come Jan. 8, which makes me believe he already has guys at least with a handshake agreement.

We’ll see how this all plays out this afternoon. Go Cougs.


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