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Washington State athletic moments that cure Cabin Fever

Who else has been inside for too long?

Jack Ellis/CougCenter

Twas two nights before Cougmas, and all through the house, you’re stuck with your whole family, because it’s too cold to go out.

Yeesh! Good morning, Coug fans! Hope everyone is hunkered down through these very cold weather conditions. I’m lucky to be somewhere with a roof over my head, nice and warm, but a lot of our neighbors can’t say the same. I’ve linked warming shelters for Seattle, Yakima, Spokane, Portland, New York and Chicago. Some of these places are accepting resources and/or donations, so if you find it in your heart and holiday spirit to give, it’s there!

How are you occupying your time today? I figured in the event everyone was getting a little cabin-fever, I’d recommend some in-house entertainment by way of: incredible highlights of iconic Washington State sports moments! Enjoy!

  1. Charisse Leger-Walker Freshman of the Year highlight reel.

This feels like a no-brainer to not only include, but begin with, seeing as nothing fills my heart with more joy than watching her absolutely dominate. I figured it would do the same for you, dear reader!

2. Washington State Men’s Basketball vs Detroit Mercy highlights.

Or, to quote Michael Preston, Detroit no Mercy!

3. Tennis highlights!

It was a DEEP DIVE to find even these 30 second clips, I was hoping for match highlights. Tennis is grossly under-broadcasted. Give me Michaela Bayerlova highlights!!! I will find someone to yell at about this. In the meantime, there's some other epic familiar faces in that video, so give it a watch.

4. Morgan Weaver hat trick against UW!

I’m making a highlight article and you didn’t think I’d include the GOAT?! Foolish. It was a difficult decision of which moment to include, but ultimately her hat trick against University of Washington was the winner for me. But there’s so many more!

5. Volleyball packing the house and beating UW!!

This event held many iconic moments, but my favorite is what I call the “Ultimate Sibling Duo - Powers Dubs Down”. Please see Craig Power’s twitter header, @TheCraigPowers. Plus, volleyball rocks!

6. Charisse Leger-Walker dropping 40.

Okay, this one was also a no-brainer.

7. My favorite game in WSU Football history.

You’ve all heard this story so many times, but being there for that Shalom Luani interception in the end zone during double overtime is something I will recall from my deathbed. Electric.

8. Soccer vs Seattle U highlights!

Short and sweet!

9. Baseball vs. Arizona State.

Grant Taylor shutout!!

10. The only football Apple Cup to happen in the past (I don’t want to talk about it) years!

I have no further comment.

While these are only a mere ten moments in (semi) recent history, there are many many more. But for now, give these a gander! I hope everyone has a warm, happy holiday season. Stay hydrated, and if it’s legal for you to do so, have a little Irish coffee (I prefer Baileys but to each their own), you’ve earned it. Go Cougs!