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Here’s the best Christmas song ever recorded

Be it resolved.


Good morning, and merry Christmas Eve to those who celebrate! I hope you find yourself somewhere warm and surrounded by people you want to be surrounded by. For me, that’s family. I have about two feet of snow outside my home right now, and it’s been accumulating since Nov. 30. Let’s just say I’ve met my quota for shoveling the driveway and would rather be in Honolulu like the men’s basketball team.

Alas, I’m not in Honolulu.

Speaking of family, though, I thought I’d give you my submission for the best Christmas song on the planet: The Season’s Upon Us by Dropkick Murphys.

Use this for any debate you have with family and friends today or tomorrow:


The only story you should read today:

This was hilarious, sad and beautiful:

Tattoos, JFK and Rosetta Stone. Washington State's record-setting QBs had unique, impactful experience with 'deeply loved' Mike Leach | The Spokesman-Review
Mike Leach always despised the star system used to evaluate high school football players. Maybe that’s why he had such admiration for quarterbacks like Luke Falk, Gardner Minshew and Anthony Gordon. It wouldn’t be a surprise if the coach’s decision to recruit those three – five recruiting “stars” between them – was actually a subtle way of rebelling against the modern college football industry.