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TJ Bamba tweets about Mouhamed Gueye, but WHAT DOES IT MEAN

PULLMAN, WA - MARCH 3: Washington State Cougars Men’s Basketball versus the Oregon State University Beavers at Beasley Coliseum - Washington State guard TJ Bamba (5) Jack Ellis/CougCenter

Twitter can be a helpful source to find news and information updates. It can also be the absolute worst. Combining Twitter with college recruiting news, where fans are starved for any morsel of information, is like shooting roman candles at a gas station.

TJ Bamba must be a fan of fireworks.

This is really the perfect tweet if you enjoy watching fireworks. It’s enticing enough to rile people up and get everyone excited, but still vague enough to cause severe anxiety. Like a roller coaster at a rundown carnival. It’s probably safe and you can just enjoy the ride, but you’re also one missing bolt away from careening off the tracks and into a giant vat of kettle corn at any minute.

With Mouhamed Gueye withdrawing from the NBA Draft last week, WSU fans are eagerly awaiting an announcement on his future.

Bamba could be tipping WSU fans off to some good news on the horizon. And Gueye announcing his return would be the best possible news WSU can receive this offseason.

Or maybe Gueye is just taking a trip to New York and Bamba is excited to see his friend one last time before he transfers. The most devastating blow of the offseason and one the Cougs might struggle to come back from next year.

To put this in meme terms. This is the WSU fanbase:

And this is TJ Bamba:

If Bamba is as good on the court as he is on Twitter next season, everything might just fine regardless of what that tweet means.


A Grip on Sports: An uncovered treasure gives us a glimpse into the future and helps fulfill a lifelong dream | The Spokesman-Review
We decided from the minute we found the almanac the ethics we learned at St. Francis High no longer apply. Yep, it’s time to fulfill the dream this once 12-year-old held dear: Make enough money betting to buy Hearst’s Castle from California and move it to Alcatraz Island. And then live there.

Las Vegas here we come.

The first wager, as assured on page 21 of the almanac, is on the Cougars to win the Rose Bowl this January. The final score? 42-37 over Ohio State. But there is more. We have to put a few bucks on Cameron Ward winning the Heisman Trophy. Long odds, big payoff. But there it is, in black and white and Grays.

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Oregon State and Washington State would seek a landing spot within the FBS, with the Mountain West likely atop their wish list.

Now, to be absolutely clear: We don’t view this scenario as a realistic outcome in any way, shape or form … at least not for another eight or 10 years.