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College football season creeps closer

Washington State v Washington Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

It’s July 23, and that means it’s time to go jump in a lake. It also means you need to get your affairs in order: college football is upon us. Media days have begun, the SEC and ACC coaches have pontificated enough, and the Pac-12 media day is closing in. By the way, anybody remember what we were talking about a year ago Thursday?

Sorry for the reminder—back to the present day.

Your Washington State Cougars will open “fall” camp on Aug. 3, which is just more than a week away. Seems like this summer has flown by, no? As I said last week, I used to get out of my mind excited for day one of preseason practice. Nowadays, I temper my excitement. Aug. 3 is still a long way from the start of the season. The offensive line won’t prove itself on day one, that’s for sure.

As a reminder, camping in Lewiston, Idaho is out, and all practices will be in Pullman.’s more of the same: mostly crickets, with a few newsworthy items spread out. Let’s look at a couple:

Mitchell Quinn enters the transfer portal

The Hawaiian was a walk-on who eventually earned himself a scholarship and had two catches in his time at Washington State. Fare thee well, Mr. Quinn.

#Pac12(10?)AfterDark is the conference’s only hope

We’ve all bemoaned late night games since the Pac-12 signed its new TV contract ahead of the 2012 season. While we’ve been warned that nothing will change, it’s true: nothing will change, unless Congress gets around to moving the country to just two time zones. Fat chance.

As Jon Wilner pointed out this week, those after dark games might be what the conference needs to sign a decent TV contract (there are other problems to solve, of course, like....will there be a Pac-12 in two years?). ESPN needs programming during those late hours, and the Pac-12 gives the network a P5 conference in the perfect time zone to accomplish ESPN’s goals.

Thoughts on this jersey concept?

I’m sure there are lots of opinions on stripes.

Big Ten players want a share of the conference revenues

This is unrelated to WSU, at least right now, but I expect these kinds of conversations/ideas/demands/whatever to continue.


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