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Questions I would ask Ron Stone Jr. and Cam Ward if I snuck into Pac-12 Media Day

Key word being “snuck.”

Washington State v Washington Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

Good morning, Coug fans!

I know everyone has been transfixed on today’s Pac-12 Media Day, which has been even more interesting than the last, given the current circumstances of the conference.

Two of our favorites, Ron Stone Jr. and Cam Ward, headed down to represent our very own Washington State University, and it’s no secret that at least one of them is pretty comfortable in front of the camera. Stone has been the star of a handful of hilarious campaigns throughout his time at WSU, and this media day is sure to showcase even more of his humor. Plus, it offers us an opportunity to get to know Ward a little more!

That being said, as someone who in no way identifies as a sports journalist, a journalist, or someone who knows anything of substance about this event, I thought up some questions that I personally would like the answers to, strictly as a consumer and a silly little fan. Perhaps some of you may share my sentiment?

For RJ: Would you ever consider hosting your own talk show? Follow up question, when you go to tackle someone, and say ... you have to leap into the air ... does it feel like flying for .02 seconds? Also, if you were to have someone that you tackled on your hypothetical talk show, do you think the interaction would go well, or is there forever an element of beef surrounding, “Oh man this guy totally wiped me out, now I hate him”?

For CW: You’re set up to have a hell of a career at Washington State! Is that intimidating to you, or does it fuel the drive? Additionally, do you think cereal is a soup?

For RJ: You discussed bulking up for the upcoming season — does that process also include you weighing in on whether or not cereal is a soup? Basically, I am stumped and I would love some feedback. It’s killing me.

For CW: How do you think growing up learning the Texas style of football impacts your game today? If you were to recreate the game using only your own rules, what would those rules be? Would you incorporate a more ‘lawless’ feel to the game, coming from the land of cowboys? Follow up: is it true that Texans take football incredibly seriously? I’ve watched like the first few seasons of Friday Night Lights and honestly I just couldn’t get past how humid it all seemed. Should I give it another shot?

For RJ: If someone presented you with a large jar full of jelly beans, do you feel confident you’d be able to guess — ballpark, of course — the amount of beans in the jar?

For CW: If you could go back and tell younger You one piece of advice pertaining to your current career as an athlete, what would it be?

For RJ: Do you remember the first time you played a football game and thought to yourself — yep, this is it: this is what I want to do? If so, can you describe that moment?

Overall, we’re incredibly lucky to have a team full of young men dedicated to being great on and off the field, and I’m excited we get a window into two leaders of said group. I can’t wait to watch them kill it during Pac-12 Media Day, because no matter what- we’re in this together. Go Cougs!


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