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The CougCenter Hour: A first half, unranked beat down. Plus, an Oregon preview!

Trying to drill down on the “why” the Cougs remain unranked. We may have the formula.

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Jack Ellis/CougCenter

It doesn’t phase you / I need a breakthrough / I only want what’s right in front of me / It’s quite unusual / Seeking approval / Begging for it desperately (desperately) / I said / How do I make you love me? / How do I make you fall for me? / How do I make you want me / And make it last eternally?

The first half was thorough! The second half ... wasn’t. We try to figure out what happened and why the Washington State Cougars remain unranked after beating the Colorado State Rams. Is it how they’re winning? We think it might be!

Plus, a preview of the Oregon Ducks with Hythloday from our friends at Addicted to Quack. We also look into a potential side effect of conference realignment that no one really wants to talk about. We end, as always, with our Dunderhead of the Week and Ask Michael Anything.

Thank you, as always, for listening!

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