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The CougCenter Hour: An Oregon letdown and a Cal preview

A loss? We have to talk about a loss???

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Jack Ellis/CougCenter

Water, building and sin (I’m as green as this blade in the grass that bends) / Big Oregon city draws you in (In the wind that blows on the long weekends) / A promise fulfilled or not (Where I take the bridge to the water fountains) / Just hang on ‘til the summer, it’s hot (And to gain the hope that the city brings)

A rare time I can honestly say: I got over a Washington State Cougars loss to the Oregon Ducks faster than I thought!

Another new edition of the CougCenter Hour is here to review a rough and tumble game in Pullman before previewing the Cal Golden Bears with Nick Kranz from Write For California. Short show this week as I’m busy as ever professionally. You’ll endure.

We do, however, still end with our Dunderhead of the Week and Ask Michael Anything.

Thank you for listening!

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