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Beasley Coliseum: Tell Us How You Really Feel

Part 2 of the best of the worst stadium reviews!

PULLMAN, WA - FEBRUARY 18: Washington State Cougars Women’s Basketball versus the Arizona State Sun Devils at Beasley Coliseum - Basketball Jack Ellis/CougCenter

Good late morning, Coug fans!

With basketball back in the swing of things, I figured I would bring back a classic from this summer- the best bad reviews of our wonderful stadium. We did this for football back in August, so I figured, what better time than now to bring it in for basketball?

Many of you know Beasley Coliseum, the humble abode for your Washington State Cougars, but how many of you know it well enough to review it on Google? Apparently, these fine folks below felt they were just the people for the job.

Let’s get into it, shall we?

Starting off strong, and stings particularly hard after last night. So true Hayden, however, not sure what this has to do with the atmosphere of the stadium / any amenities.

I’m including this one because I fear it’s an evil Craig Powers. An example of “WSU’s failings”? If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen, knockoff Craig!

First of all, if my parents named me Keth I would also hate it here. Second of all, you’ve given us nothing else Keth! How, specifically, can the space improve? Is “here” the stadium itself? Pullman? The world? I can't blame you if it’s the last one, it’s very difficult to be a human, but perhaps we can be a bit more specific with our next review.

I like this one because it’s got perspective. Yes, there are less than ideal parts of any stadium, but at least Seth found something positive to say too! Someone paid attention on the first day of Kindergarten!

This one I liked for a few reasons. I want to commend Sven for paying attention to the overall look of the place, showing us the importance of good lawn upkeep. I also liked his use of the emoji, I found that to be both creative, and effective at conveying his emotion towards the experience. I’d like to think if I got a real college graduation (thanks, Covid!) my parents would have been focused on the agriculture around where I was completing a life achievement.

SO true, Stephen. The ellipsis really caps off your middle of the road rating.

Overall, we know that it’s what’s on the inside that matters, and that’s a good game all around. Speaking of good games, get ready to cheer on your Washington State women’s basketball team tonight against USC! Game starts at 7pm PT, mark your calendars!

Go Cougs!