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Photo Gallery: WSU women’s basketball falls to USC, 51-44

An unfortunate outcome, but brought some great pictures!

Ashley Davis/CougCenter

Good morning, Coug fans!

We have a new photographer on the block, everyone please give Ashley Davis a warm welcome! Go show her Twitter some love here, and her talented photography instagram account is @AshleyKDavisPhoto !

Our friend Jack will still be around, but the more pictures the merrier, right?

Last night, our new friend Ashley got us some updated pictures of our very own Washington State women’s basketball team, who unfortunately couldn't quite get the job done against USC, falling 51-44.

It was a tough loss, but the Cougs have an undeniable spirit. WSU came in just under USC’s field goals, going 18-51 compared to the Trojans 18-49. The absence of Charlisse Leger-Walker was definitely tangible, along with some rough missed layups early in the third.

Nonetheless, please enjoy a few of the action shots from last night, say hi to Ashley, and Go Cougs!