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The ‘What If?’ moments in WSU athletics history

Let’s imagine, shall we?

Ohio State v Washington State Photo by Tom Pidgeon/Getty Images

Good morning Coug fans. It’s time again to rip off something someone has already done and make it our own. It’s what we do now and then. This week, we get to use our imaginations, so give you head a shake and prepare to ponder.

Paul Finebaum, the radio personality with the majority of his audience in SEC country, tweeted out this on Wednesday:

I didn’t read all the replies, but I think it’s safe to assume there weren’t many WSU-related replies (except for this one). So, let’s put our heads together and come up with some. I’ll start with an obvious one:

What if Mike Price never left for Alabama?

Well, for starters there wouldn’t be the ill-fated trip to Pensacola, which ultimately ended his brief Alabama tenure. WSU maybe would have put together a run of bowl games that we’ve become accustomed to. Bill Doba probably never becomes head coach and gets to retire and remembered as the greatest defensive coordinator in WSU history. And if Bill Doba never becomes head coach, who’s to say the Paul Wulff era still happens? What if, indeed.

What if Tony Bennett never left for Virginia?

Haha yeah right. Sorry truthers, but Bennett was never going to sign a long-term mortgage in Pullman. At the time, WSU just didn’t have the funds or the facilities to keep someone of his stature. But it sure was fun while it lasted.

What if Matt Kegel’s pass was ruled incomplete at the 2002 Apple Cup?

Hopefully WSU would have eventually won and nothing would have been thrown on the field. Also, that’s the closest WSU has ever come to the national championship game in our generation. Heading into that week, had WSU won and Ohio State lost, there’s a good chance the BCS computers would have put WSU at no. 2 and in the natty. Alas, our hopes were 0-for-2 that weekend. Bonus: What if Jason Gesser never gets injured in that game?

What if Trinity Rodman got to play soccer at WSU?

This would have meant COVID would have miraculously disappeared like many thought it would or could. But it also means we might have been able to see the best female athlete to come to WSU, perhaps ever.

What if WSU never hires Jen Greeny?

I have no idea what the hiring process was for this job but no Greeny likely means no lifetime of NCAA tournaments for everyone first grade and younger. Those dang kids have no idea how lucky they are.

What if this year’s men’s basketball team was healthy?

The season-long loss of Dishon Jackson and Myles Rice was a kick to the gut for Kyle Smith’s fourth team at WSU. Add to those losses the man games lost to various injuries this season and who knows how good this team might have been. Yes, injuries happen to every team every season, but this year is something else.

What if Porter Gustin is called for targeting?

Sorry to bring this one up, but had the officials called this correctly, WSU would have been in a great spot to win that game. New Years Six Bowl, anyone?

Now it’s your turn. Share your “What if?” moments that stick out to you. I’m sure some New Mexico Bowl themes could arise, as well as the football losses to Cal (2016 2014) and UCLA (2019) come to mind.

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